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A little bit about me

I am Laura Bevan (Folky Flo!),working as an Artist, Crafter and creator of little folk!

I originally trained as an Graphic Designer and have worked as an illustrator and Artist. Nowadays most of my creative time is spent doll making, which is my passion!  I work from my North London home that I share with my husband, two daughters, cat, two goldfish and numerous little folk.

Creating my Little folk dolls, figurines and shrines brings me so much pleasure as it incorporates all of my favourite crafts.  Model making, illustrating,  sewing and knitting.  Each doll I make is unique, there is never a replica.  Each doll/figurine has, in my eyes its own character and personality.

I am hugely influenced by Folk Art, Indian wooden carved dolls and antique china dolls.  I'm also influenced by illustrators like Beatrix Potter and Eric Fraser.

I do post daily on Instagram so for daily news head over to @folkyflo   or  visit my blog F O L K Y  F L O. C O M

                                                                             T H A N K  Y O U  X